Dear Friends,

Voters passed Question 4 with the promise of equitable pathways into the cannabis industry and community reinvestment into the communities most harmed by the war on drugs.

Nearly six years later, we’re on the cusp of securing a major victory that will bring significant reinvestment of cannabis revenue into Black- and brown-owned businesses through a Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund. But without significant community input, these entrepreneurs may only see half of their fair share of funding. 

An all-white Conference Committee will negotiate key differences between House and Senate cannabis reform bills, including whether the social equity trust fund should receive the full 20% of cannabis revenues envisioned by the law and included in the House, or just the 10% allocated by the Senate.

Please take a moment right now to urge your state legislators to ask the Conference Committee to strengthen the equity provisions of the final omnibus cannabis reform bill!

Here’s how to take action:

After years of advocacy, your voice can help ensure that the Massachusetts legislature passes the most pro-equity cannabis reform bill possible.

Thank you for your consideration and allyship,


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