Massachusetts Cannabis Equity Council

“We look forward to building on EON’s successful advocacy for the cannabis equity fund, HCA reform, and municipal equity that passed in 2022, and the impact they’ve had on CCC regulations over the years. Together with the MCEC, we’ll enable even more cannabis equity businesses to thrive in this industry.”

EON Co-Founder Shanel Lindsay

The Massachusetts Cannabis Equity Council (MCEC) is an informal advisory committee of Economic Empowerment and Social Equity Program certified business leaders with at least a provisional license from the Cannabis Control Commission that supports EON’s policy and programming.

“With lobbyists and lawyers for large multistate operators working with a handful of business leaders to undermine small business protections, it’s vital for cannabis equity businesses to have a voice in the policymaking process.”

EON Policy Co-Chair and Firehouse Owner Armani White

Policy Priorities

Recognizing current challenging budget conditions, EON, BECMA, and the MCEC have focused on preserving the first full round of anticipated funding for the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund and developing a legislative agenda that would provide crucial support and relief for disadvantaged businesses without any significant cost to taxpayers.

“We look forward to putting forward policies that increase access to capital, expand the impact of the cannabis equity fund through private lending and increased capitalization, strengthen CCC and municipal equity programs and policies, and address industry-wide concerns related to testing, hemp products, and agent registrations.”

The Heritage Club Owner  Nike John

While the group continues to gather input from its members, it has already identified a number of other likely legislative priorities, including removing unfair restrictions and costly, unnecessary burdens that target equity businesses, expanding access to small business assistance programs, enhancements to Cannabis Control Commission policies and practices, and enhancements to the Commonwealth’s policies granting equity businesses exclusive access to certain license types.

“We can increase the value of our businesses, unlock new revenue and capital, reduce burdensome costs, and provide exit ramps for those who want them without joining a race to the bottom that devalues all equity licenses.”

Zèb Boutique Owner Drudys Ledbetter.

Positive Impact Programming

EON and the MCEC collaborate on career fairs, trainings, and other educational programs and technical assistance to support entrepreneurs and workers from communities harmed by the war on drugs.

Our team of experienced organizers, entrepreneurs, advocates, and event planners is proud to work with MCEC members and other businesses on impactful Positive Impact Programming that empowers entrepreneurs and workers disparately impacted by cannabis prohibition.

To inquire about sponsoring in-person or virtual career fairs, expungement sessions, trainings, or other programming, please email with details.

MCEC Members

  • Shanel Lindsay and Kevin Gilnack, Equitable Opportunities Now (Advisory) 
  • Tristan Thomas, Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (Advisory)
  • Devin Alexander, Rolling Releaf
  • Ross Bradshaw, New Dia
  • Jaison Cramer, Greenerside Farms
  • Kobie Evans, Pure Oasis
  • Chris Fevry, Dris Brands
  • Nike John, The Heritage Club
  • Brian Keith, Rooted In
  • Drudys Ledbetter, Zèb Boutique
  • Laury Lucien, Major Bloom and Cami Flower
  • Kim Napoli, Esq., Underground Legacy Social Club LLC
  • Ruben Seyde, Delivered, Inc
  • Jeff Similien, Lowkey
  • Phil Smith, Freshly Baked
  • Gabe Vieira, Zyp Run
  • Armani White, Firehouse

“All the resources and lobbyists of those seeking to dominate our industry can’t match the power of our collective voices and experiences. From HCA reform to delivery exclusivity to the equity fund, when we speak out together, policymakers listen. With the new forum that EON’s creating for equity businesses with the MCEC, you can expect to hear from us much more frequently.”

Laury Lucien, owner of Major Bloom and Cami Flower

Joining the Mass. Cannabis Equity Council

Any cannabis business owner with at least a Provisional License from the Cannabis Control Commission and an Economic Empowerment or Social Equity Program designation is eligible to apply for membership to the MCEC, provided that no one in their leadership team has advocated against a cannabis equity policy.

MCEC members are asked to designate a portion of their Positive Impact Plan donations to EON to support their staffing, programming, and advocacy efforts in exchange for consideration of policy recommendations, input on and free or discounted access to EON programs, and staffing support.

To learn more about joining, please email

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We need your input to inform future comments to the Cannabis Control Commission and to plan future opportunities to engage with Commissioners in this process.

Share your ideas, conerns, and questions about:

  • How can MA cities in towns do more to support equity businesses?
  • What does the ideal model HCA looks like and how should the CCC regulate current and future HCAs?
  • How should the CCC regulate social consumption?
  • What regulatory changes would reduce barriers and increase opportunity for equity businesses?
The Cannabis Control Commission, Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund, Dept. of Agriculture, and municipalities are all governed by state laws. New laws can supersede existing regulations, lead to new working groups or regulatory reviews, and change almost every aspect of the business not governed by federal policy.

What problems can the Mass. legislature help solve with new laws, changes to existing statutes, or repeal of unnecessary laws?
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