Cannabis Social Equity Fund Policy State Legislation What's Happening

Ask your state rep to support these important cannabis equity budget amendments!

Your voice can make this happen!

Thanks to all of your hard work in bringing these issues to the forefront, Representative Dave Rogers, Representative Chynah Tyler, and Representative Carol Doherty have successfully filed three amendments to the state economic development bill!


These amendments will be debated MONDAY and the only way they will pass is if your reps and senators fight for them, too. Click here to find your legislators and call your reps to tell them to support amendments 383, 444 and 491.

  • Amendment 383: Host Community Agreements

    • This amendment would give clear authority for the CCC to regulate host community agreements so cities and towns can’t force operators into illegal agreements.

    • Sponsors: Reps. Rogers and Tyler

  • Amendment 444: Cannabis Social Equity

    • This amendment would create a Cannabis Social Equity Loan Trust Fund for the purpose of making no-interest loans to economic empowerment and social equity program participants utilizing 10% of existing cannabis revenues as well as outside donations.

    • Sponsor: Rep. Doherty

  • Amendment 491: Redirecting Donations to the Cannabis Control Committee

    • This amendment would enable the Cannabis Control Commission to use fines and donations to support equity in the cannabis industry.

    • Sponsors: Reps. Rogers and Tyler

Please take a minute to call or email today! The message is simple. Support Economic Development Bill Amendments 383, 444, and 491!