Caitlin Bernhard

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Caitlin Bernhard

Caitlin Bernhard, MSN, FNP, is a Cannabis Nurse Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach, and Cannabis Educator with a background in Family Medicine, Reiki and Bodywork, Hatha Yoga, and Herbalism. 

Since 2017 Caitlin has worked as a Cannabis Nurse Practitioner throughout Massachusetts, providing education, consultations, and certifications for cannabis patients and the community at large in MA and NY.

Caitlin is the owner/founder of Azalla Wellness and Azalla Education and is a certifying provider with the non-profit organization the Green Network Providers.

Professional Background

Primary Job Title / Role
Owner/Founder and Director of Operations
Primary Employer / Affiliation
Azalla Education, LLC
Additional experiece, board & association memberships, volunteerism, and other affiliations
Chair, American Cannabis Nurses Association Conference Planning Committee.
Member, Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine.
Member, Cannabis Nurses Network.
Relevant expertise, background & experience...
Women-owned business, Cannabis industry, Representing the interests of employers
Appointed boards and agencies of interest
MA Cannabis Social Equity Advisory Board, MA Cannabis Advisory Board, MA Cannabis Control Commission

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