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Ian Loud

Ian "Uncle Loud" Powell founded Loudminds TV in Boston in 2012 and has since emerged as a media leader in the Cannabis industry through compelling interviews with various influencers in all aspects of the cannabis world, including; nightlife, performing arts & entertainment, hospitality and the civic industry. Ian’s foremost goal remains to keep the general public abreast of the latest developments in Cannabis related news - from state legislation to the most groundbreaking new strains. In addition to shepherding Loudminds TV, Ian is the Cannabis Director for the Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) and is the Cannabis Columnist at the Massachusetts State House.


About Loudminds TV (LMTV):

Loudminds TV is a Boston bred, independent, community-based lifestyle brand, media company and multimedia content provider focusing on the production of high-quality programming - with a playful, yet professional spin. LMTV is committed to amplifying diverse voices and perspectives through captivating content in niche markets that are under-represented in mainstream spaces. LMTV’s goal is to create systemic change by providing public information to our audiences. Positioning ourselves as a public interest service-learning organization that provides transformative justice in advocacy of our Black and Brown communities.

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