Julie Battel CNM, MPH

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Julie Battel CNM, MPH

Julie Battel is a public health trained (both undergraduate and graduate) Advanced Practice Nurse who has been working in the cannabis space since 2017 certifying medical patients and researching, designing and writing curriculum for those in the industry to learn about the science of the Endocannabinoid system and how/why cannabis works in the human body. History of working in homelessness medicine and with other vulnerable populations. Training in Community Oriented Primary Care

Professional Background

Primary Job Title / Role
Advanced Practice Nurse, Educator
Primary Employer / Affiliation
Azalla Education
Additional experiece, board & association memberships, volunteerism, and other affiliations
Member of:
Cannabis Nurses Network
Society of Cannabis Clinicians
American Cannabis Nurses Association
The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society
Relevant expertise, background & experience...
Women-owned business, Social welfare or social justice, Cannabis industry
Appointed boards and agencies of interest
MA Cannabis Social Equity Advisory Board, MA Cannabis Advisory Board, MA Cannabis Control Commission, Boston Cannabis Board
Appointing authorities of interest
MA Governor, MA Attorney General, MA Treasurer, Boston Mayor
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