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Cannabis equity businesses & advocates celebrate House rejection of amendment to change license cap

Following an outcry from cannabis equity owners and advocates, the House elected not to adopt Amendment 10 to H. 4789, the economic development bill under consideration.

In response, Equitable Opportunities Now Policy Co-Chair Kevin Gilnack issued the following statement…

Mass. Cannabis Equity Council Policy State Legislation

ALERT: Email Your State Rep ASAP to protect equity businesses from MSO market consolidation

There is an effort playing out TODAY in Massachusetts to weaken one of the strongest protections for cannabis equity businesses in the Commonwealth — potentially devaluing their licenses and starting a race to the bottom for the benefit of MSOs and a handful of operators.

The amendment could be debated today or tomorrow, so please use the instructions below to email your State Representative ASAP — then follow up with a call!

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Cannabis equity business owners, EON oppose license cap change amendment to Eco Dev bill

We sent the following letter to House leaders on behalf of our EON and our Massachusetts Cannabis Equity Council, an advisory committee of Economic Empowerment and Social Equity Program owners, stressing our objection to the license cap amendment and in support of several that would positively impact the entire industry.