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Thinking about value this #CyberMonday


Cyber Monday is that special time of year when we open our inboxes with love in our hearts and deals on our mind — a time when we joyously open our wallets to share our blessings and show our appreciation to those we care about most.

Over the past few years, our generous donors have enabled us to mobilized grassroots supporters to contact legislators, show up at rallies, write letters to the editor — and successfully pass a historic cannabis equity law this year!

And we’re just getting started! If you appreciate this work, please consider making a donation today.

In 2023, you can count on EON to ensure that the new cannabis social equity grant and loan program is implemented correctly, that the CCC continues to prioritize equity in their regulatory review, and that our leaders on Beacon Hill continue to undo the harms of the war on drugs.

Your donations have enabled EON to unlock tens of millions of dollars every year to support Black and Brown-owned businesses — and with your continued support, we can do so much more.

As you think about what really matters to you and how to get the most value out of your holiday gifts and donations, please consider supporting EON’s work to create a more economically equitable future this Cyber Monday!

Shanel Lindsay
Co-Founder, Equitable Opportunities Now!