Aaron Aasim Goines

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Aaron Aasim Goines

Nomination from Grant Ellis

Aaron has an extensive pro-bono background in helping equity companies navigate the existing state and local level application process, which followed on his decade of experience on Wall Street as a derivatives trader/analyst. He also worked with a number of grassroots advocates to help create the Delivery Operator license type and the adult use equity priority period for all delivery licenses in the commonwealth in 2020/2021. I have seen first hand how Aaron has helped to change the market for the better in so many ways, with a specific focus on sustainable and equitable pathways to market access for communities that were harmed by the drug war, and I submit this nomination with my fullest confidence.

Nomination from Saskia VannJames

I believe Aaron Goines has a history advocating for more financial and lending education as part of the cannabis social equity program. Based on his advocacy history and experience I think he would make an amazing addition to this Board, specifically when nominating someone with a history of finance and commercial lending. Also please make sure to nominate people with a legacy background, such as Gary Perry. Gary is doing amazing work in the cannabis industry and connecting a lot of people that traditionally wouldnt be connected due to classism, discrimination against people with records (beyond just cannabis charges), anti-blackness, etc. He's worked as a cannabis employee and is a cannabis entrepreneur. He also has an extensive DEI advocacy history within the dispensary industry. Also if the shoe fits don't be ashamed to nominate yourselves!

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Massachusetts Cannabis Association for Delivery
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Economic development strategies for under-resourced communities, Minority business ownership, Minority business development, Finance or commercial lending, Business development or entrepreneurship, Social welfare or social justice, Cannabis industry, Marijuana retail
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MA Cannabis Social Equity Advisory Board, MA Cannabis Advisory Board, MA Cannabis Control Commission
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MA Governor, MA Attorney General, MA Treasurer
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