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Join us to share your thoughts with Cannabis Control Commissioners and Staff on Tuesday, 7/6 at 1 PM

EON is excited to share with that Cannabis Control Commission Chair Shannon O’Brien, Executive Director Shawn Collins, and Commissioners Nurys Camargo, Ava Concepcion, Kimberly Roy, and Bruce Stebbins will join EON to listen in on our Virtual Community Regulatory Review Listening Session on Thursday, July 6 at 1 PM!

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Your input is critical to ensuring that EON can continue to prioritize the programming and advocacy that our community values most! Please take a few minutes to share your insights […]

Cannabis Control Commission Policy What's Happening

Send your feedback to the Cannabis Control Commission & Other Opportunities

Today is a great day to send your input to the Cannabis Control Commission regarding updates to the designated areas of disproportionate impact. OUR COMMUNITY INPUT IS CRUCIAL FOR OUR […]